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LAST NAME: Fattori
FIRST NAME: Patrizia

BIRTHPLACE AND DATE: Bologna, Italy, November 12, 1966

Dipartimento di Scienze Biomediche e Neuromotorie
Sede di Fisiologia
Università di Bologna
Piazza di Porta San Donato 2
40126 Bologna Italy

FAX: +39-051-2091737

2001-present: Full Professor of Physiology, Faculty of Pharmacy,
University of Bologna
1993-2001: University Researcher of General Physiology, Dept. Human and
General Physiology, University of Bologna
1991-1994: Ph.D in Neuroscience, University of L¹Aquila, Italy
PhD thesis: "Real-position cells in area V6A of the monkey"
1989-1991: Research assistant, Insitute of Human Physiology, University of Bologna
1989: Degree in Pharmacy, cum laude
Experimental thesis: "Neural correlates of visual perception of motion"

2012-2014: European Union Commission, FP7-PEOPLE-2011-IOF  LIF 300452 COORDINATOR 'MIP for action'
Principal investigator
2010-2012: National Research Project of MIUR: “Advanced methods for the study of cortical connectivity during simple visuo-motor tasks”-

2008-2011: European Union Commission, FP7-ICT- 217077-EYESHOTS “Heterogeneous 3-D Perception Across Visual Fragments”

2006-2007: Galileo Project, Italy-France, together with Dr. Laure Pisella, INSERM, unit 534, Bron, France

2004-2006: National Research Project of MIUR: “Measurement and decoding of neural activity during memory guided reaching movements”
2000-2002: National Research Project of MURST: “Visual perception and visuo-motor transformations”

2007-2008: Australian Research Council: grant for a collaboration with Prof. M. Rosa, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
2006-2007: Progetto strategico di Ateneo: “Neuromathematics of Visual cognition”
2005-2008: European Union Commission, FP6-IST-027574-MATHESIS “Observational learning in cognitive agents”
1999-2001: MURST “Attenzione visuospaziale”
1998-1999: MURST ex 60% “Caratteristiche funzionali dei neuroni della corteccia parieto-occipitale”
1997-1999: MURST “La visione: dai recettori al controllo visuomotorio e alla percezione visiva”
1995-1996: MURST 40% “Fisiologia e psicofisica del controllo visuomotorio
1993-1997: MURST ex 60% “Caratteristiche funzionali dei neuroni della corteccia visiva”
1989-1992: MURST 60% “Basi neurofisiologiche della percezione visiva di movimento”
1988-1994: MURST 40% “Basi fisiologiche e psicofisiche della visione”

Undergraduate courses

Cognitive Neurophysiology for Pharmacy and CTF (chemical and pharmaceutical technologies) (2004-present)
Physiology for CTF (2005-present)
General Physiology II for Pharmacy (2001-2002)
Teaching of Cellular Physiology II for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (2001-2002)
Nutritional Physiology for Pharmacy (2001-present) and for CTF (chemical and pharmaceutical technologies) (2001-2002 and 2003-2004)
General Physiology for ISF (2002-2004)

PhD courses
Teaching of Electrophysiology in the PhD Programme in Neurophysiology since 2001 till present.

Supervisor of trainees
Postdoctoral Fellow supervisor:

Annalisa Bosco (2010-2011)

Konstantinos Hadjidimitrakis (2009-2011)
Sophia Bakola (2008-2010)
Ivan Baldinotti (2005-2009)
Rossella Breveglieri (2004-2009)
Nicoletta Marzocchi (2006-2009)
Michela Gamberini (2000-2006)

PhD student supervisor:
Federica Bertozzi (2009-present)

Annalisa Bosco (2005-2010)
Daniela Filippini (2004-2009)
Nicoletta Marzocchi (2002-2006)
Katia Amoroso (2001-2005)
Rossella Breveglieri (2000-2004)

Graduate student supervisor:

Giacomo Placenti (2008-2010)

Stephan Grossrubacher (2009)

Emily Bazara (2009)

Undergraduate students supervisor:
2001-present: supervisor of 24 experimental thesis of undergraduate students of the Faculty of Pharmacy and of the Faculty of Biological Sciences

Member of the Committee for International Affairs of the Faculty of Pharmacy,  University of Bologna (2001-present)
Coordinator of two Erasmus Projects for exchange of students in Europe (1999-present)
Member of the Executive Board of Department of Human and general Physiology (1996-2000; 2006-2009)

Society for Neuroscience (SfN)
Vision Sciences Society (VSS)
European Biomedical Research Association (EBRA)
Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS)
Italian Society of Physiology (SIF)
Italian Society for Neuroscience (SINS)

Editorial activity
Referee in International Journals: Neuron, The Neuroscientist, Experimental Brain Research, Neuropsychologia, Brain Research Bulletin, European Journal Neuroscience, Journal of Neuroscience, Cerebral Cortex.
Member of Editorial Boards: Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience


Member of the Board of Reviewers of Research Grants for MIUR (2002-present).
Member of the Panel of Auditors Reviewers of CIVR , MIUR (2003-present).
Member of the Panel of Auditors Reviewers of research projects for international funding Angencies, the most prestigious of which are NSF (USA), l’ERC (EU), Wellcome Trust (UK).
Peer reviewer of CNRS Institute on behalf of AERES (Agence d’Evaluation de la Recherche et des Etablissements superieurs).
Peer reviewer for the University of Leuven (K.U.Leuven) for permanent positions (junior BOFZAP).

Co-organizer with James A. Bourne of the Symposium: “Unravelling The Anatomy And Functions Of The  Medial Visual Cortex: Experimental And Clinical Approaches”
IBRO, Melbourne, Luglio 2007.
Member of the Organizing Scientific Committee of the 57th Meeting of the Italian Society of Physiology, Ravenna, September 2006.
Co-organizer of the Satellite Workshop "The role of Vision in Grasping"
Vision Sciences Society meeting, Sarasota, Florida, Maggio 2005.
Organizer of Symposium: "Visuomotor functions of the dorsomedial parietal cortex  in human and non-human primates", FENS Forum, Lisbona, Luglio 2004.

Member of the Interdipartimental Research Group, University of Bologna: 'Neuromathematics and Visual Cognition' (2005-present)
Member of the European Network: “EU Cognition” (2005-present)


Peer-Reviewed Papers and Peer-Reviewed Book Chapters
Hadjidimitrakis K., Bertozzi F., Breveglieri R., Bosco A., Galletti C., Fattori P., (2013) Common Neural Substrate for Processing Depth and Direction Signals for Reaching in the Monkey Medial Posterior Parietal Cortex 
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Ambrosini E., Ciavarro M., Pelle G., Perrucci M.G., Galati G., Fattori P., Galletti C., Committeri G., (2012) Behavioral Investigation on the Frames of Reference Involved in Visuomotor Transformations during Peripheral Arm Reaching.
PLoS ONE 7(12): e51856. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0051856

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J Neurophysiol (August 29, 2012). doi:10.1152/jn.00212.2012

Hadjidimitrakis K., Breveglieri R., Bosco A. and Fattori P., (2012) Three-Dimensional Eye Position Signals Shape Both Peripersonal Space and Arm Movement Activity in the Medial Posterior Parietal Cortex.
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Gamberini M, Galletti C, Bosco A, Breveglieri R, Fattori P. Is the medialposterior parietal area V6A a single functional area?
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Patrizia Fattori

Neurophysiology and Neuroanatomy of the Visuo-Motor System